The Seekers Pathway is for students with complex needs working at Entry Level 1. The Curriculum focuses on developing skills for independence and communication both within College and out in the wider community.

Healthy Lifestyles

College promotes healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Students have regular opportunities to prepare healthy snacks at College. They develop food preparations skills, which enable them to increase their independence in the kitchen, using equipment safely. Where required students have a personalised physiotherapy plan created in close consultation with the College’s trained Physiotherapist or a planned movement programme to promote and support good health. If required students have weekly access to the hydrotherapy pool and rebound therapy sessions. Students are encouraged to remain as active as their condition allows, by participating in a variety of fitness sessions including use of the ‘Moto-Med’ exercise machine, Yoga and dance. During PSHE lessons, students develop personal care skills and an understanding of personal hygiene. Self-care routines are practised regularly, with the support of visual prompts, to enable students to become as independent as possible.

Skills for Independence

At College, students have a baseline assessment with a Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) and follow a personalised programme to develop their communication skills. The Speech and Language Therapist supports the delivery of Signalong accredited courses to our students and works with identified individuals to develop their personal communication goals. The Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons support students to develop safe relationships with others. They discuss issues including social networking, diversity, relationships, appropriate behaviour and support networks. It is essential that our students have access to information, which is appropriate to their developmental age, to enable them to make informed choices in the future

Community Inclusion and Transition

Weekly ‘Books Beyond Words’ sessions are organised at Bromsgrove Library. Students explore a wide range of issues using the pictures in the books to develop an understanding of the world around them. Discussions focus upon the information within the illustrations and students have the opportunity to ask and answer questions. Students visit social care providers in and around Worcestershire as part of our ‘Transition Out’ programme. They have the opportunity to participate in activities at different social care providers and experience the different facilities on offer. These visits enable students and their families to make vital decisions about life beyond education. The visits form an essential part of our Curriculum and support a smooth transition process for our students. When appropriate providers are identified, a personal transition programme is agreed to help prepare our young adults for the next chapter in their lives.

Skills for the Workplace

Students have the opportunity to develop their work related skills by volunteering in the local community. This enables them to get first-hand experience of different job roles, whilst developing their communication skills with unfamiliar people. Volunteering opportunities include Catshill Food Bank, Sing & Sign at Bromsgrove Library and the local church café and the Poppy Appeal.

Enterprise projects at College provide students with the opportunity to learn how small businesses operate. They are involved in all stages of the process from planning and shopping to making items to sell to customers. College enterprise projects include Bromsgrove Festive Market, Chadsgrove Tuck Shop and the College Summer Fayre.

Maths & English

Students following the Seekers Pathways have at least one Maths and one English lesson per week. During these lessons they work on early Maths and English skills that can be developed across their weekly timetable in real life meaningful situations. Skills learnt are transferable across a variety of situations that will help better prepare them to be more independent in the future. Money Skills can be transferred to enterprise projects, shopping and earning wages. Measuring and number skills are used during cooking, craft making and to understand different times of the day. Using communicate in print symbols supports reading skills and Books Beyond Words helps to read facial expression and develop a better understanding of reading different real life situations.