Our Mission Statement

To create a place where students thrive; maximising both their physical and emotional health in an environment where they feel, safe, happy and confident to learn; fostering life skills, communication and independence to enable them to have an active voice and become more independent in adulthood.

Vision & values infogram wheel

Community Engagement
To build resilience and self-confidence whilst challenging students, enabling them to take their place in society.
To guide students and families to identify future destinations, and work with the trans-disciplinary teams to effectively execute a successful transition.
To work closely with local schools to allow pupils the opportunity to experience College life and carefully plan a smooth transition from school into further education.

Active Voice and Independence
To develop independence and empower students to have increased control over their own lives.
To maximise the use of technology in order to improve learning outcomes and independence.

Safe and Happy Community
To foster positive mental health.
To liaise with and support parent carers and families as essential partners of the college community.

Investors in Quality Provision
To enable all staff to fulfil their roles as effectively as possible by accessing relevant and appropriate training.
To promote the use of research in order to develop staff expertise and maximise learning opportunities for students.
To prioritise the mental well-being of staff.

Specialist Inclusive Curriculum
To provide a stimulating and engaging environment which promotes effective learning and enables students to experience a sense of enjoyment and achievement.
To maximise an individual’s potential in mobility, physical abilities, communication skills, sensory capabilities and pathways to adulthood.
To use specialist activities and resources as well as expertise in staffing, as a vehicle for improving pupil achievement, self-esteem and self confidence.

Preparing for Adulthood
To offer a flexible person centred curriculum that meets the needs of each students personal learning goals.
To support positive mental health and social, emotional and moral development, thus enabling students to take their place in society as mature and responsible adults.