When students start at CET, each has a baseline assessment with our Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT). We then work closely with our therapist to follow a  personalised communication plan. This allows students to develop meaningful and purposeful pathways to their future lives. This plan is unique to their own ability allowing them to get the absolute most from their time with us and in life beyond education.

Specialists in Communication

Communication is an integral part of our curriculum. We firmly believe that communication is pivotal in empowering students to play an active part in decision making and enabling them to become as independent as possible.

Communication Aids We Use

Education begins with communication and we have a wide range of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) at our disposal in order to facilitate this. Students have access to an extensive amount of low and high tech AAC equipment such as Communication in Print symbols, switches, Eye Gaze, objects of reference and Talk 4 technology. Staff are trained Signalong practitioners and use signing throughout the day to support communication with students. We also have staff trained in the customisation of Vocas using software like Grid 2 and Grid 3, enabling us to quickly tailor a device to any situation that arises.