Please see the following letter regarding free College meals.

Dear Parent Carer

In light of last night’s announcement we will unfortunately no longer be delivering free school meals. We have therefore delivered enough meals today to give your son/daughter a meal each day until Friday. We are hopeful that the national supermarket voucher scheme will become available later this week.

Please make sure you are following health and safety guidelines for storing and reheating the meals. Guidance is attached from the Food Standards Agency. All the meals delivered today were prepared fresh this morning and can be stored in a fridge for up to 3 days. We advise eating the meals in the order below and freezing some if you are concerned.

Meal Pudding
Cheesy Pie & Beans Semolina
Fish, Mash and Mushy Peas Sponge Cake
Cottage Pie & Veg Cheesecake
Sausage, Mash & Spaghetti Hoops Apple Crumble

Alternative options will be provided to cover dietary requirements such as vegetarians.

We have included a letter about a help scheme that was mentioned on the ‘One Show’ last night. We have left you a green and red card too. We cannot guarantee that people in your area will understand the scheme but if the word spreads and you find yourself needing support, this may help.

Please remember we are contactable on the numbers below if you need us over these uncertain times. Staff will be working hard from home doing all they can to educate and support our pupils/students and families.

Deb Rattley, Principal: 07716 327783

Bec Gayden, Vice Principal: 07513 438814

Angela Macvie, Deputy Headteacher, Chadsgrove School: 07543 689767

Yours Sincerely,

Deb Rattley


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