Explorers Pathway

Students following the explorers pathway will have a personalised physiotherapy plan, designed by a physiotherapist. Students have access to hydrotherapy and rebound therapy sessions as well as other physical activities.

If students require time in standing frames high priority is given to this, as well as opportunities to learn out of their wheelchairs. CET has an Acheeva bed that is used for students to stretch out and support regular changes of position. Students participate in team games, dance and fitness sessions to improve their coordination and muscle tone. The Multi-Sensory room provides students with the opportunity to participate in relaxation sessions and develop their communication skills during weekly tutorials.

Seekers Pathway

James enjoying his Rebound sessions

Students following the Seekers pathway have regular opportunities to prepare healthy snacks at college. They develop food preparations skills, which enable them to increase their independence in the kitchen, using equipment safely.

Where required these students have a personalised physiotherapy plan created in close consultation with a trained physiotherapist. If required, students have weekly access to the hydrotherapy pool and rebound therapy sessions. Students are encouraged to remain as active as their condition allows by participating in a variety of fitness sessions including use of the ‘Moto-Med’ exercise machine, yoga and dance. During PSHE lessons, students develop personal care skills and an understanding of personal hygiene. Self-care routines are practised regularly, with the support of visual prompts, to enable students to become as independent as possible.