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Intensive Interaction

Intensive interaction is a practical approach that can help people who are in the early stages of communication development. This approach can be used to support those who have complex disabilities to relate, interact and share experiences with others on their terms.

The approach can be used if someone is reluctant to, or disinterested in, interacting with other people.

Techniques such as turn taking, mirroring, rhythm and repetition, and sharing personal space can be used to support communication exchange that is initiated and led by the person, and in turn promotes a positive interaction.

A really useful introduction can be found at both of these sites:

Both also include links for further exploration.

Youtube has some excellent examples of intensive interaction:

There are lots of videos by Dave Hewett who is Director of the Intensive Interaction Institute and the leading practitioner in this field.     

NHS Speech and Language

Two more Coronavirus resources from Books Beyond Words .

1. Good Days and Bad Days During Lockdown

A wordless booklet with scenes from existing Beyond Words stories looking at what makes a ‘good day’ and what makes a ‘bad day’. 
Scenes address social distancing, lockdown, mental health and daily routines.

2. When someone dies from coronavirus: a guide for families and carers

An illustrated resource on how to respond when somebody dies from coronavirus. Aimed at family and carers.
Prepared by Prof. Sheila the Baroness Hollins & Prof. Irene Tuffrey-Wijne.

These can be downloaded from the website:

BooksBeyondWords on YouTube 

The Beyond Words channel (with all our videos) can be accessed here:
The following four give a good introduction and are particularly useful videos.

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What is special about Books Beyond Words?

How can the books help you?

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