Explorers Pathway

All students at CET are encouraged to be active members of the local community. They contribute to the creation of craft items to be sold throughout the year at a variety of community events. Students have the opportunity to develop their communication and life skills during trips to various community facilities such as shops, cafes, garden centres, parks, libraries and local businesses.

Seekers Pathway

Weekly ‘Books Beyond Words’ sessions are organised at Bromsgrove Library. Students explore a wide range of issues using the pictures in the books to develop an understanding of the world around them. Discussions focus upon the information within the illustrations and students have the opportunity to ask and answer questions.

Students also have the opportunity to visit a variety of community facilities to develop their communication and life skills as well as developing a better understanding of the required skills to thrive in the workplace.

Transition Programmes

Students are supported with visits to social care providers in and around Worcestershire as part of our ‘Transition Out’ programme. They have the opportunity to participate in activities at different social care providers and experience the different facilities on offer. These visits enable students and their families to make informed decisions about life beyond education. These visits are an essential part of our curriculum and the transition process for our students. When appropriate providers are identified, a personal transition programme is agreed to help prepare students for the next chapter in their lives.

CET offers a ‘Link Project’ for local Special Schools, providing our students with the opportunity to build relationships with potential new students. The ‘Link Project’ focuses on multi-cultural festivals and enables students to learn about and experience different cultures whilst developing their communication skills with unfamiliar people. The ‘Link Project’ enables pupils from local schools to experience life at college and begin their own transition out of school.